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Tip for a stress free move

One very useful tip for a stress free move is to make up a "Grab Bag" , you can make a small portable kit bag containing all the essentials for your move and could include some of the following:
  1. Marker pens in different colours.
  2. Roll of sticky Labels.
  3. All important papers for move.
  4. First aid kit, including pain killers.
  5. Basic tools.
  6. Tea and coffe making kit.
  7. List of all  needed phone numbers.
  8. Phone chargers and maybe back up mobile.
  9. All keys needed.
  10. Packing tape and duct tap.
  11. Toilet rolls, soap and paper towels etc.
  12. Energy snack bar and drinks.
  13. Personal papers and passaports etc for safe keeping.
  14. Numbers of local take aways.
  15. Bottle of Champagne for when it's all over !!!
If you make a kit like the one above it could save you valuable time and head aches hunting for such items on the moving day. It is best to make this kit well in advance of your moving day to be fully prepared and make sure it's marked NOT to be packed. I hope this is of use to you have any questions or need advice on your move please call us at AA Moves Man and Van anytime.

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